MicroTrends Double Shot Algorithmic Framework

MTDS7 -basic Hybrid Semi/Fully Automation with Attendance, NT7 Un-Managed Strategy. Strategy halts on disconnection, loses context of orders & positions, No auto stop, auto start. manual start, stop, no fault tolerance, manual orders and positions cancel flatten to restart. Was the first commercial unmanaged mode strategy engine with hybrid controls for semi/full auto and allows easy creation of strategies in a few lines of code… as for all NinjaTrader Strategies managed and unmanaged – still had major flaws preventing true automated trading not addressed until AFT7.

MTDS7 NinjaTrader Strategy Open Source Sample
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MTDS7 easy coding
Build your own trade strategy
NinjaTrader Strategy Wizard migration to NinjaTRader 7
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MT Ultimate 7 – Automated Trading Systems – Expansion Pack for the MT Ultimate 7 MTNTF7 + MTDS7 trading suites