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Welcome to MicroTrends NinjaTrader Trading Systems

MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader trading software vendor community! We are real deal traders & trading systems developer/Consultancy. We offer our MicroTrends NinjaTrader Trading Indicators & Strategies 100% FREE unlimited for trading on demo, with no risk, obligation or payment details required:

100% Free for all NinjaTrader traders for sim, demo, backtest development & realtime trading for FREE UNLIMITED so you are able to learn & understand through direct experience & trading usage if a system and approach is viable and suits your trader psychology and risk appetite.

MicroTrends is a premiere Certified NinjaTrader developer & specialists for:

MicroTrends founder and CEO Tom Leeson background was developing trading systems within the City of London’s trading institutions from 1995 onwards, including online trading platforms, algorithmic front desk systems & back office systems -the very first online stock trading systems, treasury trading systems with low latency for arbitrage, high frequency volatility trading, swing trading, day trading & position trading systems, end of day & intraday systems trading & consultancy -& later broke free from corporate city life to create MicroTrends in 2006 to travel the world trading and developing trading systems & technologies.

Since 2006 MicroTrends has specialised with the NinjaTrader free trading platform and become a leading developer for retail, professional, commercial stocks, forex, futures, ETFs, CFDs traders and also the leading developer of automated strategies supplied to software vendors in the NinjaTrader community as recommended  by NinjaTrader for NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader Partner & Certified NinjaTrader Developer with NinjaTrader™ since 2009, specialised ever since – creating proprietary and evovled classical technical analysis trading indicators & strategies with realtime interactive trading user interfaces & controls. You can learn more about us here

You are welcome to use our software and learn risk free on the sim.  Get in touch at the help desk or drop us a line at [email protected]



NinjaTrader is a FREE leading trading platform

NinjaTrader is a FREE trade platform for advanced charting, market analytics, development & simulation. FREE trading platform, free demo account, free real time data, no risk, no funds required! >>>1. GET STARTED >>> CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE NINJATRADER PLATFORM & FREE REALTIME DATA


Free NinjaTrader Indicator & Strategies

Providing off the shelf NinjaTrader trading system indicators and NinjaTrader Automated trading strategies for day traders, swing and position trading, strategy development frameworks>>>2. GET STARTED >>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE NINJATRADER INDICATORS & STRATEGIES


 Certified NinjaTrader Trading Systems Development  & Consultants

Institutional trading system developers since 1995, Certified NinjaScript consultancy and NinjaTrader development services for retail traders, professional traders, commercial traders, hedge funds, private equity funds and CTAs, specialists since 2009: >>>3. GET STARTED >>> CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR WINNING NINJATRADER DEVELOPMENT PROJECT QUOTE