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    Manual Discretionary Trading Systems, Signal Indicator Trading Systems - Chart Trading - NinjaTrader Indicators + Automated Trade Management. MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Indicator Pack, workspaces, templates & settings provide Manual Trading Systems off the shelf ready to use

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NinjaTrader Automated Trading Systems, Chart Indicators, Trade Coaching, Development from the leading Certified Development Consultants for the NinjaTrader Trade Platform

Automated Trading Systems, Chart Indicators, Trade Coaching, Development for NinjaTrader provided by the MicroTrends team of the Real Deal Live money Traders, Trade Coach & Automated Trade Strategy System Developers.  We really do trade, we really do design & write and use our own software for day trading & Swing Trading.

FREE NinjaTrader Strategies, Indicators for Futures, Stocks, Equities, Options, CFDs, Forex retail, professional & commercial traders when used for demo/sim trading

Automated Trading Systems, Chart Indicators, Trade Coaching, Development Futures, Stocks, Equities, Options, CFDs, Forex retail, professional & commercial traders

MicroTrends is a leading NinjaTrader Certified automated trading system consultancy, trading educator & real deal algorithmic traders, NinjaTrader specialist for algorithmic fully and Semi automated trading strategies, automated trade strategy software development and discretionary day trading, swing trading & position trading systems. MicroTrends is the inventor & quantitative developer of several proprietary trading technologies for NinjaTrader such as the MTDS7 and also proprietary trading systems such as the MT Fib Grid System as well as providing many evolution’s of popular technical analysis charting indicators & trading approaches.

MicroTrends provides the best automated trading & discretionary trading systems for NinjaTrader 100% FREE for Demo/Sim Trading.

FREE NinjaTrader Automated & Discretionary Trading Systems Online! MicroTrends is unique in the NinjaTrader trading software vendor community! MicroTrends is the real deal traders & trading systems developer/Consultants. MicroTrends NinjaTrader Trading Indicators & Strategies are 100% FREE unlimited for trading on demo, with no risk, obligation or payment details required:

100% Free Charting indicators & Trade Strategies for all NinjaTrader traders for sim, demo, backtest development & realtime trading for FREE UNLIMITED so you are able to learn & understand through direct experience & trading usage if a system and approach is viable and suits your trader psychology and risk appetite.

MicroTrends is a leading Certified NinjaTrader developer & Automated Trade Strategy specialists

Traders, all of levels, are all welcome to use the MicroTrends Algorithmic Trading, Discretionary Trading, Automated Trading Systems day trading, swing trading software & learn how to trade Futures, Forex, CFDs, Stocks & Options for free risk free sim trading with the Free NinjaTrader Trade Platform. For any questions please get in touch via the help desk.

MicroTrends Brief history

MicroTrends has been directly involved with algorithmic trading & trade systems development since 1995 onwards commercially in the city of London’s trading arena often working for some of the biggest names in the institutional trading world.

Since 2006 MicroTrends has specialised with the NinjaTrader free trading platform and become a leading developer of Automated & Discretionary Trading Systems Online for retail, professional, commercial Stocks, Forex, Futures, ETFs, CFDs traders and also the leading developer of automated strategies supplied to software vendors in the NinjaTrader community as recommended  by NinjaTrader for NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader Partner & Certified NinjaTrader Developer with NinjaTrader™ since 2009, specialised ever since – creating proprietary and evolved classical technical analysis trading indicators & strategies with realtime interactive trading user interfaces & controls. You can learn more about us here

Meet the MicroTrends Team

The MicroTrends team is a winning combination for automated trade strategies, Discretionary Day trading charting indicators, Swing Trading, Coaching & Development based in London/Singapore/Asia, USA & Spain

MicroTrends John Bio

The Real Deal Trade Coach - Live money Futures Day Trader

John Matteson Trade Coach

John Matteson  is The Real Deal Trade Coach

John began his trading career in 1996 with the Charles Schwab Corp. In 2002, he became a full-time trader, real estate investor and business owner. In 2007, He was presented with the DayTrading Institute’s "Trader of the Year" award. Early in 2010, He became a graduate of the Online Trading Academy and was hired to present their half-day Power Trading Workshops and counsel their students.

John joined the MicroTrends team in 2016 after discovering Tom's indicators and strategies online.  Recognizing the quality of the development and the power of combining the MTNTF7 and MTDS7 packs to create his own strategies, John was able to coax Tom away from his hedge fund work to continue creating and improving the MicroTrends brand. He has written a number of articles and recently contributed to the Amazon Kindle best seller,“Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading”.

MicroTrends is proud & excited to have John on board as a real deal active day trader, providing veteran trading experience and a unique trade coaching service with real deal trading live money in the live futures market.

    MicroTrends Tom Bio

    MicroTrends founder and CEO - Real Deal Algorithmic Trader & Quantitative Developer

    Tom Leeson real deal algorithmic trader developer

    Tom Leeson The real deal algorithmic trader developer at work

    MicroTrends founder and CEO Tom Leeson interest in trading started with Stocks in the 1980s and later commercially developed trading systems within the City of London's trading institutions from 1995 onwards, including Automated & Discretionary Trading Systems Online trading platforms, algorithmic front desk systems & back office systems -some of the very first online stock trading systems, treasury trading systems with low latency for arbitrage, high frequency volatility trading, swing trading, day trading & position trading systems, end of day & intraday systems trading & consultancy, CLS & Globex Intra-bank Forex Trading.

    Tom broke free from an over regulated London corporate city life thanks to "SOX" and it was the best thing to happen providing the ultimate freedom and most rewarding part of his career & life to create MicroTrends in 2006 to travel the world trading and developing trading systems & technologies, has traded for prop shops, hedge funds and now 2017 onwards prefers an easier pace focusing on MicroTrends products &  self directed trading in the warmer climes of Singapore and Asia regions - specialist area c# algorithmic trading systems, Futures & Forex, CFD, ETFs trading

    In 2016  i have at last met and combined with a "360" degree talented 100% ethical honest team to work with which has given me the impetus to keep going with a renewed enthusiasm & provide our user base some 3000+ users with the next generation of Free indicators & Strategies & Trading tools for NinjaTrader 7 & NinjaTrader 8 and beyond!  ...Tom Feb 2017...

      MicroTrends Testimonials

      MicroTrends Testimonial

      I went through the list of providers and filtered you our of the rest, I can tell who can do the better work vs who cannot! I cant emphasize how much I appreciate how quick you do changes, I think if it was someone else id have to wait days at the very least to get an update. You're not giving me time for my excitement to die out, which is an absolutely awesome thing lol.Thank you very much!Mohamad.

      MicroTrends Testimonial

      9 out 10UMA

      MicroTrends Training Session - 1 to 1 Coaching

      Dear JohnI thank you for the training session today... I found the training session to be professional, excellent and for me really helpful to see visually the MicroTrends products in a practical operation.Your explanations and navigation's with various instruments and charts have helped me to get a real feel of the sophistication's of the Indicators and Strategies. Your Set-Up was explained as fully as i could have expected with numerous examples/chart set-up trade triggers meticulously examined in detail and further practically showing when to trade and equally important when not to trade.I now look forward ...

      MicroTrends NinjaTrader Indicator and Strategy Development Team

      10 out of 10"Delighted with the Level of Service ... Attention to our needs & prompt delivery of agreed targets !"

      MicroTrends NinjaTrader Indicators and Strategies

      10 out of 10

      "excellent company"

      One key feature of the Blue Wave Trading BWT Precision AutoTrader is that it is Professionally Coded 100% in NT unmanaged mode. The official NinjaTrader Documentation states:” The Unmanaged approach is reserved for VERY EXPERIENCED programmers. ….In place of the convenience layer that the Managed approach offered, the Unmanaged approach instead offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management…..Writing code in unmanaged mode requires extra time and effort and requires a significantly higher coding skill set, that most NinjaScript Certified Developers simply do not have… I say this with complete confidence because at one time or another over the last 8 years, I have personally worked with almost all of ...

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       Certified NinjaTrader Trading Systems Development  & Consultants

      Institutional trading system developers in 1995, Specialist Certified NinjaScript consultancy and NinjaTrader Automated & Discretionary trading systems development for retail traders, professional traders, commercial traders, hedge funds, private equity funds and CTAs, specialists since 2009: >>>3. GET STARTED >>> CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR WINNING NINJATRADER DEVELOPMENT PROJECT QUOTE