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Support Model & Policy

MicroTrends Support Model & Policy & Help Desk  & Technical Support

MicroTrends Support Model & Policy works very well, provides the best support and the best product pricing and quality. Support is separated into 2 service levels support for free users and support for paid/licensed users. Help & Support is provided  via the help desk, via email or by using the help desk ticket system directly online where you can see all your information past and present in 1 easy place. Additional support channels are not usually required only in the rarest of occasion such as remote assistance and Skype. For other support options & models for those who require it please see below.

Paid for Subscribers/ Live Trading Licensed Support:

  1. For subscriber/paid license holders we offer prioritized in depth support, settings and features assistance, get you installed, setup via guides and live 1 to 1 assistance via the help desk via email or by using the help desk ticket system online. Resources provided are screenshots, articles, videos even tailor made for your question etc
  2. If the normal support by help desk is not enough to resolve a question or issue – we can offer remote assistance to resolve an issue or setup
  3. For you Very conveniently: All your information /questions and answers are provided in the help desk:
    Please login to see all your past and current requests at the help desk – you will have a login link in your email etc
  4. Help guidance materials,resources & Settings are provided for technologies not available for free users

Free Users: For non subscriber/free license

  1. Support is self assisted from the 24/7 Help desk articles and resources,
  2. Live help desk for pre-sales queries installation and troubleshooting assistance via email or by using the help desk ticket system online

Self Assisted 24/7 Help Desk open to all

The Help Desk it is very easy to search

  1. click here to serach for installation & troubleshooting 
  2. click here to search for MTDS
  3. click here to search for MTNTF7 indicators 
  4. click here to search for strategies

Other MicroTrends Support Options

  1. For Traders who want a 1 to 1 direct consultation on Skype and/Remote assistance Screen sharing the price is $150 per hour and is by appointment only.
  2. Platinum Support Package- We can provide a higher level of support packages and provide a live Skype remote assistance, 1 to 1 style account manager /support guidance – and this would be based on a certain number of hours per month etc.. Price on Application – we would assess what skills and knowledge is needed and coverage/ etc.
  3.  For Trading Coaching that is a separate channel and provided here: Click here for Emini Futures Trading Coaching