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Trading signals Service

Free Trading Signals CFDs, Forex, Futures, Stocks. daily buy sell prices, signals analysis, Stop And Reverse (SAR) End of Day (EOD) trading system allows you to trade ahead of time, diversify & manage your trading in a very easy methodology. was a service & brand provided by Microtrends Ltd  The goal was to  demonstrate the power of NinjaTrader Trading Platform charting & to provide a selection of automated generated trading signals and alerts, which a trader can decide to use for educational purposes to guide their trading decision whilst using their discretion to trade, so the job requirement was to create automated signals and a website to post the signals to, distribute the signals by email, sms, mobile push and social media

Written in NinjaTrader 7, the system operates on CFDs, Forex, Futures, Stocks  using a proprietary SAR EOD Swing Trading System, taking screenshots of charts based on pending and triggered signals ,sending emails to a blog which then posts and social shares the signals on twitter and facebook.

  • SAR EOD system consists of a trading sheet of stats
    • Buy & Sell prices, Daily Screenshots of Charts & technicals
    • Trade signals charts pending & trade entry’s triggered.
    • Weekly Analysis of Hot Movers
  • Daily Trade Sheets provide stats, analysis & the next day’s prices for entry
  • Email Alerts, with trade details and instructions are sent to subscribers including:
    • Trade Order & Entry Price
    • Stop Loss Price
    • Target Prices – up to 10 levels
    • Trailing Stop & Trade Management Rules