MicroTrends NinjaTrader Portfolio Swing Trading Framework

NinjaTrader Development project thinking out of the box with NinjaTrader to get around all the intrinsic issues with NinjaTrader such as stopping and starting and portfolio swing trading, overnight, over the weekend. NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 both are designed for retail day trading overnight, if you stop a strategy,disconnect,restart, change orders and positions at the broker side NT loses context of what is going on and even does some crazy things like cancelling working orders leasing unprotected positions in the market – by design it is only for monitored single session usage- you cannot restart it even with the new NT8 features you are very limited to day trading overnight only. So what was required was true portfolio trading system with automated entry, automated exits,fault tolerance and recovery. The ability to stop and start the server/platform and to continue with the realtime context, to adjust and pickup the positions, orders and carry on. This is what is so fantastic about NT is that its extensible and so the brief was easily achieved by using the underlying NT API and coding direct to the broker via NT objects which are agnostic – thus avoiding the limitations of NT strategies and the need to create a side by side fix engine or use a 3rd party API. NinjaTrader has all the components with 1 platform, its all doable with the knowledge and skillset via NinjaTrader.  The NT platform/ server system can be auto restarted each week or even night or day after the maintenance window and picks up from where it left off for the next regular trading hours.  Orders and positions can be inspected and interacted with externally without issue.  The system will automatic detect which session it is and if it can route orders.