Algo Futures Trader Stock Index & Oil Futures Day Trader Trend Trading System

Algo Futures Trader (AFT)  – is the merger of real deal experienced Traders + Trading System Trader/Developers, leveraging the enhance and evolved tools and technologies which were enjoyed by prior products such as Woodies and BlueWaveTrading whitelabels of MicroTrends technologies and as used by Tom Leeson on going Hedge Fund Swing Trading with Clear Point Capital–  details of the swing trading futures portfolio project,  to provide something a leap year ahead of all the past extremely popular trading systems. In fact this project went so well and the people involved were of the same ethic and goals, to provide something that works and teach people how to use it for trading success, “it has to work” was the common topic when all met up in synergistic mashup of talents. This has gone so well that that AFT is now the sole authorized distributor of MicroTrends NinjaTrader Trading systems and products.

The Fib Grid has been modified from a pure swing trading system to meet Carlos Diaz day trading techniques and setups to allow day traders  visualize the entry, scale and potential exit or reversal points with the additional power of the USAR – Ultimate Stop and Reverse signal system – which a mere subset was used to power the BlueWaveTrading Precision Trend and some of the Woodies CCI Club Trading System Trailing Stops and Filter but now its used exclusively for AFT Traders only and is a proprietary system exclusive and totally unique to AFT and to NinjaTrader and beyond- now those allegiances have past and are old out of date systems we have taken the best parts of all to create the ultimate day trading system for us without the overweight products from the past with new & improvide formula evolutions – the result a ultra easy to use  lightweight purpose built system which shows all you need – for entry and trade management as a day NinjaTrader trader.

What is more unique and commendable is the AFT really do trade with it – they are not mere NinjaTrader Ecosystem software peddlers reliant on some past fame or forum gossip, this is about trading live in a trade room and mentoring coaching in the live market with real deal trading tools. This is a real deal trading club where each trader is vetted for suitability – to stop the software being stolen and sold, to protect the liquidity for bona-fide members and traders those who are entrusted with the trading system methodologies and AFT family NinjaTrader futures day & swing Trading system – now currently being ported to NinjaTrader 8.

For MicroTrends this is a wonderful opportunity to still help traders who help themselves and to still get the satisfaction which drove us before to see people become successful at trading by using our technologies within NinjaTrader  – prior to this we had  mutliple 1000s of traders who used our software all for free and only <1% paid for it, all wanting support and the secret and it was a big charitable process which meant we never progressed and met our own goals due to the massive overhead of support and being nice to everyone that cared to call – so a change in business model allows us to focus on what we need to do technically with partners of the correct character and experience- so now we offer a limited scope of real deal systems which are trained,coached and mentored by the correct people at AFT with real deal world trading experience and the correct ethics and goals.

Take Your Trading To The Next Level With Our Advanced Discretionary Trading System – For More details please contact our  authorized sole distributor