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MTU7 Professional Automated Trading Systems

MicroTrends Ultimate 7 Pro ATS -MTU7 Professional Automated Trading Systems suite is 100% FREE for Demo/Sim Trading

Diversified semi/fully Automatic algorithmic mechanical trading online day trading, swing trading systems for futures, stocks, CFDs & Forex

MicroTrends Ultimate 7 Pro ATS is the most comprehensive suite of professional ultra high precision trend & mean reversion autotrader systems available for NinjaTrader MTu7 Strategies are 100% Free for Simulator Trading – paid for live trading account connections

MicroTrends Ultimate 7 Pro ATS is the most comprehensive suite of professional ultra high precision trend & mean reversion autotrader systems available for NinjaTrader at a fraction of the cost of the competition, unrivaled features, execution, error handling, flexibility. No where else is there a richer diversified set of professional systems and trading methodologies for NinjaTrader 7.

MTu7 NinjaTader Professional Automatic Trading System Listing

  • MTU7 Chop And Trend Auto trader
  • MTU7 MA Crossover Auto trader
  • MTU7 MA Oscillator Auto trader
  • MTU7 MACD Crossover Auto trader
  • MTU7 MT3 HILO Auto trader
  • MTU7 MT Scalper Auto trader
  • MTU7 Squeeze Auto trader
  • MTU7 Stochastics Crossover Auto trader
  • MTU7 Generic Chart signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Generic signals Trader Pro Auto trader
  • MTU7 MA Price Crossover signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Triple MA Crossover signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Dynamic Trend Trader signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 MT2 Trader signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 ATR Trend Trader signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 VolBreakout signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Open Range Breakout signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Session Open Range Breakout signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Multiple Session Breakout signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 TSOrderFlowTrader signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 TSOrderFlowSqueeze signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Extreme Bollinger signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Extreme CCI signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Extreme RSI signals AutoTrader
  • MTU7 Extreme CCI signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Extreme SSCCI signals Auto trader
  • MTU7 Extreme WilliamsR signals Auto trader

Get Started with MicroTrends & NinjaTrader MTu7

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MTU7 Professional Automated Trading Systems diversified trading suite hand crafted designed & developed for self directed online automatic trading, retail, professional, as traded by MicroTrends for commercial hedge funds.  This is the most advanced, diversified trading system suite providing the highest quality precision autotrader semi/ fully automatic trading systems available for NinjaTrader 7.

MTU7 is the ultimate winning combination of MTNTF7 Signals Indicators & the MTDS7 Strategy Trade Engine

  • 30+ Suite of Professional Ultra high Precision AutoTraders: Trend following, Mean Reversion, Hybrid + Generic Signals Trading systems, day trading & Swing trading.
  • Semi or Fully Automatic, realtime control, realtime settings, multiple templates, primary and secondary higher time frame filters and off the shelf features
  • Written in advanced UnManaged mode, to avoid all overfills and error issues with NinjaTrader default strategy mode
  • Requires the MTNTF7 Indicator pack  + MTDS7 for NinjaTrader 7
  • >> Click here to view more details of Strategies & Pricing>>
  • >> Public Beta – 30+ planned in development now continous updates
  • >> Strategies Recommended for Sim & Live Trading with trader in attendance
  • >>>FOR NINJATRADER 7 only

Traders there really is no competition – we are the leader in this field for NinjaTrader, your strategy and money on the line is the safest it can be  powered by MTDS7 technology providing unrivaled features, execution, reliability, flexibility, as used by other vendors, fault tolerant professional institutional grade trade workflow engine, no overfills or errors as you will find in default NinjaTrader modes, this is written in the NinjaTrader 7 unmanaged approach.

  • Trading modes Semi or fully automated entry and trade management, real-time interaction and user control
  • Easy configuration & real-time settings management, save and load unlimited settings templates
  • unrivaled trading, reliability and execution speed, fault tolerance &  avoidance of execution errors and Overfills
  • Advanced statistics on chart and sent daily by email – no other system provides or compares these performance metrics
  • Chart Signals alerts digital voice, sound alerts & email alerts
  • 25+ robots consisting of classical and evolved proprietary trading algorithms – the list growing as we release more
  • Generic trading signals automated systems capable of trading signals from indicators placed on a chart in realtime and backtesting.
  • Pick and mix your own signals and create your own professional trading systems without coding.
  • Operate on any time frame, scalp, tick by tick, on bar close, day trade, swing trade overnight any instrument

Important Notice about NinjaTrader Strategies – The MicroTrends Difference

Warning ! please be careful when using any strategy for live trading that is not written in Ninja Trader’s unmanaged mode,  it is advisable to not use a strategy for realtime sim and especially live trading if it is not written by an expert in the advanced NinjaTrader mode. The Unmanaged approach is reserved for VERY EXPERIENCED programmers. In place of the convenience layer that the default NinjaTrader 7 Managed approach offered, the Unmanaged approach instead offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management. The flexibility required to achieve more complex order submission techniques.

All MicroTrends NinjaTrader 7  Professional Automated Trading Systems are powered by the MicroTrends MTDS7 trade engine  its code base written in Ninja Trader’s unmanaged mode. So you can  be confident trading with real money on the line due to the unsurpassed reliability & features; built in intelligent,  automatic fault tolerance for  Errors, Overfills, Connection Loss & Order rejections handling via an institutional trade workflow engine designed by MicroTrends with 100,000s of hours of live trading and testing with 100s of traders over many years.

MicroTrends Automated Trading Software is designed and created by veteran experienced  professional using an institutional grade code base, coding patterns & techniques, as used and designed by a professional trader developer Tom Leeson read more here, financial systems software engineer and quantitative developer, algorithmic trader who actually successfully traded and tested in live trading for retail, proprietary trading arcades and commercial hedge funds and also used this technology and evolved it over many years – making this a unique opportunity for you to use professional trading systems for today’s market and tomorrows at a a fantastic value.

All MicroTrends NinjaTrader 7  Professional Automated Trading Systems are the MicroTrends MTDS7 trade engine  the code base written in Ninja Trader’s unmanaged mode using only the highest institutional coding standards & patterns, professionally written with advanced proprietary coding techniques learnt from a career in the city of London trading arenas, this technology is very mature with many 100,000s of hours of live market trading & testing by 100s of traders since the inception of the MTDS7  in 2010. Trade in sim mode realtime or trade live with confidence when your money is on the line that the default NinjaTrader management of errors such as overfills and orders rejections stop your trading system and loses context, MTDS7 powered strategies are designed to be fault tolerant and self recovering from all such errors which stop a normal mode NinjaTrader strategy.

MTDS7 powered strategies all have inherent professional protection against Errors, Overfills, Connection Loss, & Order rejections handling. Over-Fills is a serious issue that can occur when using complex entry conditions that bracket the market in both directions end up with both entries being filled instead of one being cancelled. Over-Fills can also occur when you place a trade quickly hoping to close a position while a prior order to close the same position already had an in-flight execution.  By default, NinjaTrader will protect against over-fills even though you are using the Unmanaged approach by halting the strategy – MTDS keeps running 24/7 and is fault tolerant and self healing.

MicroTrends Professional Automated Trading Systems day trading/swing trading packages are so good we guarantee our software is better and trades better in all ways than any other vendor in the NinjaTrader Eco System, on top of that uniquely we traded a basket of these systems  using instrument diversification, system diversification and parameter set diversification live for commercial hedge funds and we developed it all ourselves in house…get the real deal and become the real deal , save your time and money, don’t be another trader with tales of how they lost money and were ripped off by other vendors in the NinjaTrader EcoSystem.

Know this it was MicroTrends who wrote and pioneered the first reusable commercial unmanaged mode algorithmic trading frameworks for NinjaTrader and supplied many vendors with white label software who some of today claim to have written it and they don’t even trade.

Institutional Trading Strategy Development

  • Professional NinjaTrader Unmanaged mode – no overfills or errors or strategy halts
  • Complex events processing Trade Workflow Engine for execution reliability
  • Fault tolerance – realtime handling of order rejections, connection loss and errors

Realtime Trading Operation Modes

  • NinjaBuddy User Interace Trading UI– realtime manual interaction, change settings during trading!
    • Manual Order Placement + automatic trade management on/off
    • Automatic Signal to Order Execution + automatic trade management on/off
    • Realtime Manual & Automatic entry + automatic trade management on/off
    • BOX Breakout, News Breakout OCO – Virtual Entry Levels/Orders  to enter a trade when price hits the level

NinjaBuddy UI RealTime Control

  • NinjaBuddy User Control –  direction filter, stops, breakeven, trail, targets, scale out, enter, close, cancel..
  • Load settings, Save Settings –
  • Change All settings during realtime operation
  • Drag and Drop Stops, Targets, Entry, Virtual Entry Orders

Trade Entry Rules

  • CUSTOM Trade Entry Rules: Developer user Definable, Price Action or 3rd Party Technical Indicators or Other Trigger as Defined By the Coder – simply plugin logic in supplied override Methods.
  • Many Sample Strategies and Entry Examples Provided  – Open Source, modify or create your own new strategy in a few lines of code – and harness the full power of the MTDS algorithmic trading framework.

Trade Entry Order Types

  • Enter by 0:Market, 1:Limit, 2:Stop, 3:Stop Limit
  • Virtual Entry Market, Stop, Limit –
    • Up to 2 pairs of OCO or non OCO Breakout for News or Technical Box Breakout Trading
  • Entry Price Calculation – 0:Close/Last Price, 1:High/Low, 2:Median, 3:Current Bid/Ask +/- Offset
  • Offset mode static or Adaptive
  • Entry Order TTL

Trade Entry Order Mode

  • Close And Reverse – CAR
  • Stop And Reverse – SAR
  • Trail Stop And Reverse – TSAR – 1:Low/High 2:Parabolic SAR, 3:Close, 4:ATR Median, 5:ATR Median Low/High, 6:USAR
  • CUSTOM Pricing: Developer user Definable simply plug in logic in supplied Override Methods for SAR And TSAR Pricing

Trade Entry Filter Rules

  • Numerous Off the shelf Trade Filter Rules, Bias Filters, Price Action Filters, Levels
    • Primary Trading Time Frame – E.G:  1:ATR Median Filter, 2:Volume Filter, 4:Sloping Falling/Rising OBV, 8:ATR Filter, 16:Sloping Rising/Falling Mom, 32:USAR Filter Bias + Other Modes, 64:ATR Median USAR Filter Combo, 128:Price Cycles
    • TTF Price Action Filters   – Too Many to List
    • Secondary Higher Trade Time Frame – Filters – Too Many to List + Price Action Filters
    • CUSTOM Trade Filters: Developer user Definable Filters for primary and secondary or additional timeframes using NinjaTrader or 3rd Party Indicators and Conditions – simply plug in logic in supplied Override Methods

Trade Exit Rules

  • Technical Exits – 511 combinations 1 or all must be true –  E.G: Parabolic, Volatility Stop, Price Action, MFE Retrace, Cash Based, Loss Based, Original Stop Price
  • Daily Exit Times
  • Swing Trader Friday Exit
  • Exit Levels – up to 4 OCO or single Exit Levels to exit a trade when price hits the level
  • CUSTOM TRADE EXITS: Developer user Definable in code
  • Trade Risk Management

    • Off the Shelf Static or Adaptive Stop Placement
    • 1 to 3 Bracket Position Sizing can be auto spread across brackets or static depending on Entry Order Type
    • 0:Static Ticks, 1:ATR, 2:PCRA, 3:USAR, 4:ATR HTF, 5:PCRA HTF, 6:USAR HTF, 7:High/Low, 8:Parabolic SAR
    • CUSTOM STOP Pricing: Developer user Definable in code

Trade Profit Targets

  • Profit Targets – Adaptive or Static Targets – Calculation Mode 0: User Defined Ticks, 1:ATR, 2:PCRA, 3:Risk Reward Target, 4:ATR HTF, 5:PCRA HTF, 6:USAR HTF
  • Proximity Targets to lock in profit per bracket at certain % of targets
  • Virtual Targets – Virtual Mode 0:Off use real Limit Orders, 1:Use Virtual Orders Kill or Fill
  • CUSTOM TARGET Pricing: Developer user Definable in code

Trade Management

  • Breakeven Static Or Adaptive – 1:Stop, 2:Target 1, 3:ATR, 4:PCRA, 4: Target 2
  • Breakeven Offset Static or Adaptive –  1:Stop, 2:BE Trigger
  • Unique Trail Stop system – 3 Trail stops  per bracket or 3 levels of Trail Stops for all brackets  -0:Global Trail Stop – TS1 to TS3 – 3 levels of stops moves in all stops, 1:Trail Stop By Bracket
  • Trail Stop Types: 1 Low/High 2:Parabolic SAR, 3:Price, 4:ATR Median, 5:ATR Median Low/High, 6:USAR, 7:MFE % Stop, 8:ATR Trail
  • Use 1 or many different types of trail stop, adpative or static user defined – change to trail stop type at certain profit ticks
  • CUSTOM TRAIL STOPS: Developer user Definable in code

Limits daily/weekly or stop when profit or loss limit attained

  • Set Profit Limit and Loss Limits in Cash –  1:Unrealised + Realised, 2:Realised
  • System locks out trading  until next session unlocks trading if defined or can stop until restarted

System Trading Session Times

  • Set Times to the second in Multiple Timezone Settings to control when automatic signal execution and autotrading can occur.
  • Session Start Time
  • Session Break Time
  • Session Break End
  • Session End Time

Performance Stats – for Visual Backtesting and Realtime Statistics

  • Unique performance stats – on chart and emailed end of day
  • PMD
  • Expectancy
  • Risk Reward
  • Win %
  • +Others
  • Equity curve and Info Bar


  • Signals entry and exit, session start, end
  • Signal Alerts
  • Digital Speech
  • Email Signals

Multiple Settings Templates for easy configuration

  • Save Templates by name
  • Browse Templates
  • Load Templates by name
  • NinjaBuddy UI – allows Loading and Saving of settings templates in realtime
  • Settings can be shared to other machines and trader#
  • Save a default Template

Software Devlopment Kit & Samples!

MTDS NinjaTrader Strategy Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK Even Easier than before – Now you can view all developer methods in the sample SDK open source strategy installed when you select all SDK options during installation:

  • Custom Trade Entry
  • Custom Trade Filter
  • Custom Trade Exit
  • Custom Stop Ticks
  • Custom Stop Price
  • Custom Trail Price
  • Custom Order Pricing for stops,limits & stop limits
  • And all the associated properties/parameters you can expose to allow usage of the above features

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