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Is my NinjaTrader Holy Grail Trading system Idea Safe with Microtrends?

Here at MicroTrends we are unique.  We are renown for an exemplary and unique ethical approach to business – the only company of its kind within the NinjaTrader Ecosystem to provide tools for free for demo/sim and actually be straight talking and 100% real deal and honest and develop & use our own brand.

Our model is not one of crookery, fraud and theft, which sadly seems to be the standard qualification to become a NinjaTrader listed associated in the ECO System or one of the group of lame “so so” bedroom “listed professional Consultant” developers the majority  who have no real understanding of trading or development at commercial levels and we have the misery of fixing their “not so good code”  from time to time as people get suckered in by false economy and use the cheapest corner cutting route they can find as a solution.

I was compelled to write this today as i got a reply from a customer to one of my quotations and was relating to the fact we offer a generic MNDA to protect our clients and ourselves:

“…the attached disclosure looks like the first paragraph releases you of any mishandling of system. but I’m not an attorney…”

for which initially made me feel victim of an unprovoked attack and violation on what I stand for here at MicroTrends in a sea of sharks and thieves such is the nature of the majority of Brokers and Software vendors – maybe 99%?

We handle many different sorts of clients and we see many people with their own Holy grails and other items they are paranoid of being resold or that trust abused. A MNDA at least sets out a framework and shows our willingness to do good business and should provide peace of mind of our intentions and to protect us from theft also for our background technologies and knowledge etc

I am proud to have been privy to information and secrets and systems over the years since my days in the city of London onwards and many which make money and lots of it, some need 100 Millions or even more and some need 5K to 10K, it does not mean I have an interest in even using any of them. My own interest is making my own creations and inventions and the satisfaction  is that I can get my ideas to be viable. This is a lifestyle choice not a fixation on money for which i care little about, being a Pro at trading and development… and letting all the other parts fall into place and sleeping well at night knowing i am not a criminal and i am actually actively helping people where i can or to act to save them from themselves and to be my own Boss on my own terms, live where i want how i want is my perfect life.

I am trader with a proven track record, privately and within hedge funds and trading arcades – and with my systems of my creation – some of which are provided for free on our website download page.  I am accomplished and satisfied by my own efforts and ideas – a really fantastic experience that not much compares to.  So I am afraid I have zero interest in your or other people’s trading ideas –  other than the fact that it is a pure delight to me to hear you are doing well with a component of my creation that makes it worth it while and the only reason I continue to do this MicroTrends business at all.

It’s true sometimes I would prefer to pull the plug and focus 100% on my own agenda and to be removed far from the NT Ecosystem crooks and thieves or just far away from the sometimes delusional “retail trader/know it all” with their recency biased suicide holy grail trader for which they have blocked ears or have suspicions there magic infinite trading secret might be plagiarized, used or sold – and all they are is a software consumer and cant even really trade.

Ok so that is quite a negative view… here is the good part…  what then of the 1000s of people who use my tools (99% for free)? They are all expecting a NT8 version and when I hear of people’ success and journey it drives me forwards and it is a welcome hobby on my terms to do this – and provides the correct balance away from over trading – and that is good reason.  The bar is high here at MicroTrends we respect people who work hard and get their reward we don’t respect or want traders who want a private infinite pension plan for $199 per month and don’t need to do hard graft to get it.  So if you worked hard and used the tools got good at trading and worked hard to use your brain and imagination you have my utmost respect and support.

We are compared many times by other vendors as at best “a charity” and I guess they are right. However I do ask for payment for development and quant services. I can consult and provide feedback for your systems as trader/strategies and provide the quant development knowledge also – without cheating or abusing or stealing.

The MNDA which gets sent out with our devleopment quotation reply, is designed in good faith to protect your intellectual property and our intellectual property and to make sure you it’s clear you cannot claim ownership of something in the public domain or within our IP to become your IP.

The truth of MNDA’s is that it’s very hard to enforce and requires a lot of money – when in 2016 Randy Sarrow at Blue Wave Trading stole our software white label code based from a trusted joint access source server – got another developer to cut our license control out to avoid royalties and broke our NDA and other agreements we are unable to sue them for damages – as they were in the USA and the lawsuit would be 200K+.   So much of this is all on good faith.

I am not an attorney either however that MNDA was provided by a USA attorney, so if you are not happy with the MNDA then all you got to do is say which part it is you do not agree with we can look at editing it for you – or you can indeed supply your own NDA, some people have in the past have preferred to supply their own and that’s totally fine provided it is Mutual.

Also I should mention the fact that we are the best at what we do for NinjaTrader and that is also my “raison d’etre” – No one has the trading experience we have or the technology to bring your trading systems ideas to life. So rest assured we are not like the rest of the herd and we want you to be successful and not to rip you off and run.

Best trading to you all


Tom Leeson
Founder & CEO
MicroTrends Ltd


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