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ninjatrader automated trading systems development

Always use a professional for your automated trading systems if you intend to trade live and use a real deal trader developer who uses the trading technology themselves. MicroTrends is a leading certified NinjaTrader programmer and ninjascript trading system consultancy

There two options for a NinjaTrader Strategy project:
A. Write a strategy from scratch which can a take a fair bit of time and money to do so, days,week,months even years depending on the features..$1000s+$10,000s
B.Save you time and money and super charge your strategy, providing the cheapest route with the safest, maximum highest precision quality, best trading system features available for NinjaTrader by using the MTDS7 Strategy Development Kit to power your Strategy.

Free Download: /ninjatrader-downloads/

MTDS7  algorithmic trading framework for NinjaTader  is 100% free and save yourself $1000s in costs
As used by MicroTrends to power some key NinjaTrader AutoTrader Projects:

Woodies Autotrader for NinjaTrader 7
Blue Wave Trading Precision Autotrader

Summary and Advantages of using MTDS7 for your NinjaTrader Projects

MTDS7 is 100% free for demo/sim trading and comes with open source strategy sample systems:
For example one of the best automated trading systems for NinjaTrader you can install the MTDS7 for free




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