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NinjaTrader 8 is better than Ninjatrader 7 for automated trading

5 top reasons why NinjaTrader 8 is better than NinjaTader 7 for automated trading systems

Performance, Extensibility, Maintainability, Scalability, Availability, Security, reliability ok that’s 7 – but really look at these well known improvements.

1. NT7 as wonderful as it is sentimentally – sometimes has a habit of getting a blank chart when loading data, this the might require a reconnect -which would stop strategies and they lose their context. Cured in NinjaTrader 8 you can even rollover at the touch of a button

2. NT7 would for example when using kinetic stop functioning – the data would stop but the connection still one… ouch! a reconnect needed stopping strategies and losing their context – Cured in NinjaTrader 8

3. NT7 would sometimes get stuck pending orders – which would cause a strategy to not start… and this would need to be remedied by resetting the sim account or removing and adding the strategy again – NinjaTrader 8 removes this problem with a rewrite of the internal data layer and business logic layer and is a lot quicker also 🙂

4. NT7 connections say on a Sunday pre-open might not start to tick with data and you have to reconnect and stop and start the strategies and you might get a blank screen and have to restart and miss the open breakout 🙂 – NinjaTrader 8handles the data connection heartbeat in such a way this is not possible. It will move when the market starts

5. NT7 when restarting a strategy would lose context of the order and so you would really have to close positions and orders or wait and do it manually and then restart.
NinjaTrader 8 allows you to adopt the positions/orders – so in fact you can restart NT8 and continue where you left off!!!

So yes you guessed it NinjaTrader 8 corrected and addressed all of those and features and much more.
For Strategy Traders -the back tester provides a fantastic method to breakdown and look inside the bar or offer even smaller intervals for back testing
Strategies you can save multiple templates too!!!

For the developers

  • Time series with more sensitive date time stamps
  • A state engine for the strategy and complex events
  • NT8 is better even due to the massive power increase you have with the language version and .net version it uses… the things you can do with ease with this version of .net is wonderful
  • NT8 Level 2 handling you can use LINQ queries -more levels the sky is the limit!!!
  • Data series based on intrinsic datatypes in .net c#
  • Ability to code all objects types
  • Ability to code general add-ons to extend the whole of NinjaTrader 8
  • Ability to extend NT8 with all areas accessible – such as the account object gives you the ability to mashup with NT8 as you want with side by side or integration apps

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