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MTDS7 still going strong updates planned for many years service celebrate with 35% off coupon

NT8 is the core focus for many years now and NT7 was left as it was in terms of new functionality – only critical bugs/fixes will be undertaken by NT for NT7 however they assure me they are not going to switch it off which is fantastic new – as Microsoft guarantee a 15 year backwards compatibility with all new operating systems and technology from the past. It was announced by Microsoft that windows forms which NT7 is made from is will no longer supported/developed/continued so NT moved to NT8 WPF which is a different but similar tech for desktop applications. This means that MicroSoft will continue to support windows forms applications on their operating system for at least 10 years plus from this point 15 maybe and their programming IDEs still support fora  long time also as perhaps 60% + of the worlds window desktop apps are still windows forms who haven’t made the jump to WPF..yet.    Its interesting to note that VC++ ATL is still widespread and in use such as the MS office suites  and they will not be budging  from their favorite technologies lucky them..!!!   that will be around in 30years we think 😉

Anyway whats the point of this?

MTDS7 is well and alive and is NinjaTrader 7 and it will be for many many many years… so the die hard cult fans can still use it for their favorite trading application!    So with that in mind MTDS7 will still have some updates released in the future. MTDS7 has had several price increases over the years, and a lot more work to it and is for 2 machines – we used to sell it a knock down price – but as it is the most advanced trading product on the market for NT7 and comes with code snippet support, SDK with samples & templates, and in depth technical support we had to price it a minimum competitive level and be economical viable to provide – considering other top tier vendors AT Systems are white labels built on it and offer a 1 trick pony for 5K for 1 license, renewable. The MTDS SDK USAR open source strategy is far more powerful and flexible and traded live not shown off on some BS scam video show – this makes MTDS7 still very economical as it has a model which allows strategies to be altered and many more unlimited etc

To celebrate this we are offering 35% off until the end of July 2017.

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2 Responses to MTDS7 still going strong updates planned for many years service celebrate with 35% off coupon

  1. tonydooda July 15, 2017 at 12:44 am #

    You offer a treasure trove of products. But I’m unable to utilize its full benefits I would like to suggest to pick one algorithm and fully go into detail setup

    • microtrends1 July 16, 2017 at 8:29 am #

      NinjaTrader sim/demo trading is always free forever so you can take your time and not rush and find you what can be viable for you, your capital, risk appetite and style etc using statistical evidence gained from hands on experience which provide you with the belief in a system in order to match it to yourself and trade it and stick with it etc. It is advisable to procure substantial data and to carry out a professional testing process in order to avoid recency bias and curve fitting – this can take a lot of time – weeks/ months/ years – you are not penalized for your research and all is free – until live trading requires a license etc

      Paid versus Free
      Free users get assistance to get installed and up and running etc and access to all areas for articles and resources
      Paid for user do get in depth support for settings and templates to match their treading goals + all the other resources
      Please see out support model:

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