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Get Started trading for free with the best NinjaTrader indicators & strategies

Get your 100% FREE NinjaTrader Indicators & Strategies & Free Trading Platform, 100% free, risk free when used for sim/demo trading. Traders, all of levels, are all welcome to use the MicroTrends Algorithmic Trading, Discretionary Trading, Automated Trading Systems, day trading, swing trading software & learn how to trade Futures, Forex, CFDs, Stocks & Options for free risk free sim trading with the Free NinjaTrader Trade Platform.

  • 100% FREE indicators & Strategies unlimited for trading on demo/sim with no risk, no obligation or payment details required, you only need to get a license when you live trade!

100% Free Charting indicators & Trade Strategies for all NinjaTrader traders for sim, demo, backtest development & realtime trading for FREE UNLIMITED so you are able to learn & understand through direct experience & trading usage if a system and approach is viable and suits your trader psychology and risk appetite.

MicroTrends is a leading Certified NinjaTrader developer & Automated Trade Strategy specialists

For any questions about NinjaTrader Indicators Strategies Automated Trading Systems Development, please get in touch via the help desk.

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