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Day Trading Emini Futures Coach

Day Trading Emini Futures Coach – Online 1 to 1 mentoring, learn how to win at short term trading for a living with John Matteson MicroTrends Trusted Affiliate Real Deal Trade Coach

Day Trading Emini Futures Coach, learn to trade futures online with the Real Deal Trading Live, real money, trading will be conducted each day based on trade plan. Q&A will be ongoing throughout the mentorship.

Day Trading Emini Futures Coach Coach John Matteson provides trading lessons suitable for all levels of experience of trading.  You can choose to learn online or in person in Orlando Florida using NinjaTrader in conjunction with our MicroTrends suite of indicators and strategies –  we  provide you with all you need, real deal live market live money trading lessons by example and direct live futures market trading.

Day trading  Coach Notice –  get the workspaces and trading system here

  • Day trading  Coach is available directly with John Matteson
    • Send John a message below
    • For Syllabus and more details view below
  • Day trading course materials are now installed by the MTNTF7 Framework workspaces

Learn to day trade futures for a living with real money live market trading

MicroTrends is unique the NinjaTrader community we really do develop our software, we really do trade and we really do trade with our software. Not only are we “the real deal” traders & developers, our resident Day Trading Emini Futures Coach John Matteson really can teach you how to day trade futures for a living and provide you with all you need for the best chance of being a successful Futures day trader using the free NinjaTrader Trade Platform, trading the Emini’s during the US Session with the MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework & MTDS software.  You will use time proven specific Trade Entry and Exit Techniques for your Testing and Trade Plan.

All futures traders are provided with a specially formulated “MT Day trading EMini system, workspaces & templates & the MTDS7 NinjaBuddy Trade Manager” which was a combination put together over time during live trading testing. It is possible to trade in a controlled relaxed way and automate the trading process emotion free with the most sophisticated and advanced trading tools available for NinjaTrader 7 – keeping it very simple and consistent with the MicroTrend’s Day Trading Emini Futures Coach.
Live, real money, trading will be conducted each day based on trade plan. Q&A will be ongoing throughout the trading mentorship.

Get Started with your Day Trading Emini Futures Coach Day Trading Online Lessons

  1. Click here to get the free NinjaTrader Trade Platform with a free realtime data demo
  2. Click here to download  indicators & strategies for free for using on demo & sim
  3. Chose your time & location either online or in person in Orlando Florida by arrangement
  4. Minimum booking blocks of 5 Hours

Day Trading for a living Syllabus

Learn to day trade EMini Futures for financial freedom

Foundation Course Level 1

I. Trading Psychology
1. How it works
2.Read the PDF’s

II.Setup of NinjaTrader with Applicable MT Indicators and Strategies
1. Indicators and settings
2. Template setup
3. NinjaBuddy setup
4. Chart setup
5. Market Analyzer

III.Setting Up the Trading Day
1. Psychology/mind prep
2. News
3. Larger degree trend + support/resistance

IV. Basic Trading Day Rules
1. Gap type – Inside vs. outside

Intermediate Course Level 2

V. Higher Time Frame Analysis
a. Larger degree support and resistance
1. Which swings?
b. Trading time frames/chart types

VI. Basic Trade Setups
a. John’s short term Template
b. Long term template
c. Trend X Template
d. Outside gaps
e. Inside gaps

VII. Trade Management
a. Standard guidelines – manual
b. Advanced trade management using NinjaBuddy

Advanced Course Level 3

VIII. Chart Types
a. Range bars
b. Tick charts
c. Renko bars
d. Time based charts

IV. Trade Log and Journaling
a. MSA program example

X. Systematic Trading Tricks
a. Picking the right chart type
b. Tracking the trades
c. Adding the moving average
d. Trading the productive cycles

XI. Pilot/Co-Pilot Exercise
a. Trading Exercise following & leading by example
XIII. Trading for a Living
a. Considerations
b. Account size based on max drawdown
b. Launch

Trader Testimonial

Dear John

I thank you for the training session today…

I found the training session to be professional, excellent and for me really helpful to see visually the MicroTrends products in a practical operation.Your explanations and navigation’s with various instruments and charts have helped me to get a real feel of the sophistication’s of the Indicators and Strategies. Your Set-Up was explained as fully as i could have expected with numerous examples/chart set-up trade triggers meticulously examined in detail and further practically showing when to trade and equally important when not to trade… view more

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